Who stole the Sh2m? Nagging question from Apr 24’s Auntie Boss

Auntie Boss

The Auntie Boss cast. COURTESY| Auntie Boss Twitter page


The episode was a continuation of the previous parody of Safaricom’s Be Your Own Boss show, which the Auntie Boss script writers had dubbed “Be Your Own Mboch (BYOM)”.

If  you can remember from the last episode, the three contenders could not make anything out of the Sh1,000 they were given to invest.

Failing to deliver on their first task, they were given another opportunity to sell newspapers.

Taking the papers to the streets while singing “ni ya leo, ni ya leo” was the kick-off for Shiro as she tried to persuade customers to make a purchase.

For Silprosa, her boss, who was her number one supporter, helped her sell the newspaper to a customer. To his surprise, a buyer refused to buy, only asking for  The New York Times. Known for his braggadocio, it was hard to believe seeing him pleading with someone to buy local newspapers.

Njoro on the other hand got his attempts thwarted when he tried to sell the newspaper to a butcher for wrapping meat. Drawing his persuasion from President Uhuru’s  previous remarks “gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama”, he got himself kicked out as the butcher said he no longer uses newspaper for wrapping meat.

Remember Deve D’souzer,who is supposedly to act like Eve D’Souza from BYOB challenge? Well, she continued with her flop as things were not adding up for her. In my opinion, her part just makes the show look weird. Whatever she is doing for the show is not adding anything.

My best part was how the contenders turned things round just to make sales. Shiro, on realizing the whole newspaper can’t sell,  decided to make sales per page at Sh10 for those who wanted to read. This turned out to be working and she raked in some good profit.

Silprosa on also turned the newspapers into tissue papers. She cut them into pieces and sold each piece at Sh5 at a nearby toilet.

Back to the stage, after making newspaper sales, each contender was to share his business idea on what they plan to do with the Sh2 million cash prize to be won. Of all three — Silprosa, Njoro and and Shiro — Njoro’s business idea was lucrative and made him carry the night.

Njoro said he will venture into funeral arrangement, that is by organising for special mourners and sitting arrangement for the bereaved family. His idea was to compete wedding and other event organisers.

On crowning the winner, Valentine, a real-life contender in the Blaze BYOB challenge, named Njoro the winner but to their surprise, just like a blink of an eye, the lights went off and the stage was dark.  The lights returned only for the two loaded money bags to flank open and empty. All the money was gone.

At the end of the show, it was Silprosa’s boss seen in a restaurant and seemed to be enjoying himself. The question that remains is: could Silprosa and her have shortchanged Njoro? Catch up the next episode on Tuesday to find out what exactly happened.


My rating

The show was a bit of an improvement of the previous one. Some creativity on making the ends meet was shown by the three contenders. I give the show a rating of 7/10.


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