Apr 25’s JKL was smoooking, but …

Koigi Wamwere and Jeff (courtesy of Twitter)

If you love JKL, you had to like this episode. The show is getting much more time than it used to be allocated. The guest for the show this time was Koigi Wamwere, arguably one of Kenya’s most prolific politicians in the country he did not disappoint in his political analysis.

Here are some snippets of what he said:

Our lack of recognition on history is leading to selfishness

I have actually rephrased something he said. He attributes the lack of history in our generation as one of the largest problems in the country. He even went on to point out that not many people remember Kenneth Matiba. The fact that we have a few people coming out to eulogizing him but criticized him is discouraging.

He remembers that his friend Bildad Kaggia was buried and when he narrated it to a lady he asked who Bildad Kaggia was. It was sad that no one ever remembered him.

On multiparty democracy in Kenya and dictatorship

He seemed very happy that the country has made a stride. He however was wuick to remember that it came with a lot of problems. His time as a legislator he remembered of how Parliament was silent and how no one was allowed to vote for Multipartism because the powers that be did not want it to happen.

He narrated of his stay in detention with other political detainees and how they hoped for a better future.

The handshake

The handshake was also another thing that did not leave Jeff’s mind. The show has sampled the views of so many people about this issue.

Koigi thought it was a start to now start talking about this issue. However he is skeptical of the other meetings that have been had with former presidents and their son. He seems to believe in an all inclusive dialogue and not a one sided one or an elite one.

He seems to believe in an all inclusive dialogue and not a one sided one.

DP Ruto

He seems to believe that Ruto is starting too early and needs to chill out. He thinks that Ruto could have done a better job in making sure that they have delivered on the Big 4 agenda. He does not seem to believe that Ruto is being tactical about his campaign and his advisors are not advising him right.

He does not think he believes in anything and thus he will not win the 2022 poll. He seems to think he will lose thunderously and won’t get support from the Kikuyu people.

He believes that he has shown not to believe in democracy or show cause for it and does not deserve winning the election or presidency in 2022. He believes his ambition for presidency seems to be very queer and should be really questioned.

My rating

The show is becoming predictable in its questions so I’ll give it a 6/10. Jeff should have incorporated the devolution conference and the IEBC. However JKL is a good show but overall I like the guests that come on. Never a dull moment.


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