Apr 25’s Real Househelps of Kawangware was just too comical

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The show started with a bang, with Awiti mad at Njambi for not turning up to vote for her in an election which Awiti lost.

Njambi insisted she was not feeling well, something Awiti rubbished.

Protus, while in his living room while being served tea by Nkirote, could not help keep his eyes off her.

Aware of eyes all over her, Nkirote warned him to forget whatever he is thinking. Realisig his suggestive looks could land him in trouble with Nkirote, as she was now fuming, he jumped into promising her goodies and money just to shut her off.

Before she was done with Protus, there was a knock at the door. Protus jumped and tried to push Nkirote to hide in the kitchen as he didn’t want her to see who was by the door. Nkirote refused and stood still.

On opening the door, Cobra matched in with his handyman carrying two heavy boxes to the other room.

Protus tricked Nkirote that those items just brought in were very much radio active and could explode anytime if touched. He warned Nkirote  not to step into that room ever. Her inquisition was cut shot when Protus threatened to slap her with love.

Back to Awiti, still high, she chases Matilda off her hanging lines, commanding her to use Jane’s lines or else if she appeared there again, she will use those lines to string her up.

Onyi found his workshop empty, everything gone. But strangely, Cobra appeared from far pretending to be passing by. Onyi shared his shock with Cobra,who seemed to be much relaxed but only got scared when Onyi threatened to kill the thief, he thought Onyi knew who robbed him and that could have landed him in trouble.

Onyi later suggests they contribute little amount each to start off the shop. But funnily he had nothing in his pockets by then. Instead of helping Onyi, Cobra pretended to be offering some advice to Onyi, suggesting that he shifts to selling miraa and muguka instead.

Matilda came back with Jane as her security to put off Awiti as she forcefully hanged her clothes on the line. Sensing defeat, Awiti backed off as she was no match to Jane.

Shiti went to a recording studio to compose a song on how Awiti is troubling the boy child.

He narrated  why he was recording the song but insisted on mentioning names — something his producers advice him against.

Shiti refused the advice. He imagined recording a hip hop hit to send packing the likes of Khaligraph Jones.

Awiti sneaked back to the hanging lines unnoticed and removed all Matilda’s clothes from the line.

Matilda, to her surprise, found the lines empty. She called Jane who accompanied her to report tho the manager and sure enough it was Awiti who stole the clothes.

Michi and Shiti pop out of the house after Jane knocked at their door, thinking it was an early lunch being served. To their amazement it was Jane and Matilda furious over Awiti’s theft. Jane promised Shiti lunch only if he helped her with winning Awiti’s case.

Refuting accusations and going completely mad, Awiti tried to flee the scene only to bump on Jane Rose standing in front of her like a giant wall. 

Instead of Shiti helping, he made fun out of it, telling Awiti she can’t: “Awiti hiyo ni mawe huwezi.”

The show ended with Awiti battling out with Jane Rose with the likes of Shiti, Michi and Matilda cheering.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 7/10. All the performances from the actors  were hilarious.


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