Citizen TV show Aziza was all sparks and flames in its Apr 25 episode


Aziza starring actress Sanaipei Tande | Courtesy, Pulse Live Kenya

Let me confess something: Aziza is becoming one of my favourite TV shows.

It has the drama, the wit, the romance and I will not be exaggerating to say it is one of the best series that Citizen TV has ever brought to the screens.

The show revolves around Aziza, a lowly girl from the streets of Mombasa who wants to be a singer. Her parents don’t want to hear anything of the sort and have never known what she does for a living or the secret stash of clothes she uses to perform at a club.

However, she has been kicked out of the show and is looking for ways of getting back to the music industry.  Wednesday’s episode was good. I haven’t watched it in a while but it was epic.

Here is what happened.

Lilly is now at Tei Creations and is emphasising on throwing a party or the company. She gets everyone involved. Well, not everyone. Malkia is not happy about this (how could she be, anyway?). Lilly is a big-time threat. They even argue and threaten to take her back to the States or tell their children that she was cheating on her.

On the other hand, Bobo is trying every trick in the book to get Aziza. Aziza is having none of it and would rather continue being his friend. Man’s been friend-zoned, fam. But Aziza seems to be leaning towards him but only coyly. He even picks her up from where she has been selling mahamri and leaves her (Aziza’s) friend to walk home. Aziza has none of it; she wants to focus on her career, not  funny relationships. After all, she even left Zane and told him not to call him never ever call him.

Fay and Lily are, on the other hand, continuing brewing hatred for each other. Fay brings Lilly tickets to America but Lilly has none of it. She is not boarding in short. When Fay talks badly to Lilly’s child Lisa the slap that lands on Fay’s face makes my TV shudder at some point.

My rating

If you love good plot twists, you will definitely enjoy this one. This is the show that you need to sit down to watch. I Can give it a perfect 10/10 without batting an eyelid. It was just off the hook.



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