When a couple finds money, who leaves whom? – Sparks on Maina’s Apr 26 show


An illustration of King’ang’i. COURTESY


The topic today was: When money comes in suddenly for people in a relationship, who leaves whom?

King’ang’i’s opinion was that most men are left when the woman gets money; that the wife and the children tend to travel abroad.
Most women are heartless, he reasoned. When they get money, they poison their kids’ minds, telling them that their dad is a deadbeat since he doesn’t provide anything for them.
He added that some men hide when they hit big deals; that they don’t want to share their wealth with their family but rather opt to spend it on hoes.
And that’s the main reason women leave when they become successful.
A man was feeling inspired and used Esther Villa’s quote: “Money changes who you are. It manipulates man.”
A woman called and let her heart out, asking why men pretend to be the victims every time.
She added that there is no way you can leave someone who is doing you good; that when a woman loves a man when he has nothing and leaves him when she gets money, it means there is something the husband has been doing wrong.
No sane woman, she said, will leave with no reason.
Another woman called and supported her, adding that when a woman leaves without drama, it means you have lost a good woman.
A sensible man offered his two cents.
“The best thing a man can do to their children is to love their mother. African women are brought up well but we, the men tend to change them,” he said.
“We mistreat them and act like everything is okay and that’s why when money comes they break out of the prison we had held them in.”
A very outspoken man also tweeted that relationships these days are like contracts. You just move on to the next.
A male caller said it’s not the women who spoil kids’ minds but it is  fathers who don’t create time to spend with their kids.
When you take them out and talk to them, he said, children will never leave even if they grow up.
He made an example of himself that the bond he has created with his children is so strong such that even when he is away for a week, maybe on a business trip, the mother is never at peace since they always demand for him. They just want his presence every time.
My rating
I rate the show at 6/10. Despite the morning talk being very interesting, no conclusion was made.
I found the talk not helpful. Like most of the listeners every morning, we always want to be educated at the end of the show but today’s show ended without any conclusion.

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