Rick Ross big interview: Amina aced it

Rick Ross and Amina Abdi Rabar | COURTESY

Rick Ross the big boss is in the country.

He landed in the 254 and in which show did he land first? The Trend.

Amina had promised this big exclusive since the month started and she did a pretty good job with this interview.

Here are snippets of the interview.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is now free and Rick Ross one of the biggest names who led the #FreeMeekMill push, was elated with the development. Asked what he thought about he resounded the excitement he has been having off social media.

He thinks Meek Mill should have been granted that right ages ago.

Kanye West and Wale

Rozzy does not believe in the new sentiments that were made by Kanye West and his siding with Trump on some issues. He does not seem to believe with him at all.

He seems to believe in Wale and what he thought about his music. He seems to be very happy with one of his signing and the strides he has made in the music industry.

Women and women empowerment

The show was a bit interesting when Amina asked about women and women empowerment. I did not think that he was so big on women and women empowerment. His management in MMG Records is headed by a woman.

He mentioned his sister and mother as being among his biggest pillars in the music industry. He seems to be the most supportive of them and believes in them at all costs.


Amina did not forget to talk about the African scene and what Rick Ross thought.

Of course she asked him if she had some of his favorite foods in Kenya and if he had the chance to try it out.

They got serious and Amina asked if he would put up shop in Africa. He seemed very relaxed and  encouraged everyone to try and share with him and he would try and help out. However, he was non-committal on setting up in Africa or Kenya to be particula. But maybe he will.

My rating

I would rate the interview a solid 7.5/10. Rozzy was cool and calm and collected during the interview. Amina aced this interview and did a wonderful job and did a thorough background research of the show.



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