Magicians sent jaws dropping on Apr 27’s The Trend

Image result for the trend ntv

This particular episode of The Trend  was one heck of a show.

It was hosted by Anita Nderu for the first few minutes before Amina Abdi Rabar came back to the show.

Anita also hosted the #TTTT segment at 8pm  also. However here are some of the highlights of the Trend at 10pm.


The show kicked off with Anita doing an exclusive with one of my favorite rappers, Octopizzo. He seems not as  relaxed as he was last year. He has dropped a full album.

Anita did not waste time asking him about his new album, what he is working on for this year and his other projects.

Anita was not shy to ask about his “friend and brother” Omollo Khaligraph Jones and what he thought about him and why he is not doing a collabo with him. He gave one good punch line: “We are not in the same level”.


If you thought Octopizzo was the only fire that came to the show then you did not see the two “wachawis” who came on The Trend.

If you thought the guys on Now You See Me are awesome you have seen nothing.

These guys were so spooky and did a good job keeping everyone’s hairs raised.

It was all magical, from (a) making spoons so hard and broken with just moving fingers to (b) getting the right cards without being told which ones had been picked by three people to (c) a guy removing a big fist-sized stone from his shoe because it was “disturbing his foot and was in his shoe”.

The show did not end there. Amina did an interview with Dennis Waweru, the conductor who returned a passengers’s Sh30,000 and was covered by the Daily Nation.

He shocked many by doing so as many people deem touts as very irresponsible and rude.

Amina went on to ask people to rally behind the guy because he wants to go back to school and study IT and support his wife.

My rating

The show is back on my good graces. This week I will give it 8.5/10. Amina seems to be very good at her job. The show was able to bring out some good, good questions.

Anita should be considered for a co-host role. She is very thorough and good at her job and this time they did not bring a predictable guest line-up of singer, actor and dancers. They shook things a little.


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