Dr King’ori ‘depressed’ his jokes, had a life-and-death Apr 30 show

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The show was not “wicked” any more.

As per its tradition, the programme is always about pinpointing wayward behaviour in the society.

But this particular show was a special case. Why, you ask? The topic was “depression”.

Dr King’ori, the host, touched on this very serious issue in the society which often goes unnoticed until late when someone loses his/her life.

During the show, King’ori cited statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicating that over 800,000 people lose their lives annually due to depression. The main cause, according to King’ori, is lack of money.

He said it is true that depression chooses no one in particular and that anyone can be a victim any time at any point. He added that in Kenya, 1.2 million people attempted suicide in the year 2017 due to depression alone.

The show guest was Marcus Olang’, a former radio presenter who is also the founder of “Courage Stories.”

Mr Olang was once a victim of depression and has overcome it. Thus, he shares his stories with those who might be going through the same problem.

King’ori with his jokes, out of the context though, cracked a joke on Olangs’ physique, which Olang’ himself confirmed that the gym pays a great deal on bodily appearance.

Olang’ said he went through depression in 2012. According to him, depression has got stages of occurrence (episodes), depending with where you are and the situation you are in.

He admitted that it is tricky to tell when someone is depressed, saying jokingly that it doesn’t have signs like malaria.

Although he shared some characteristics of a depressed person (which include loss of appetite all of a sudden or acceleration of eating) a person depressed tends to be gloomy and stays away from people.

They are mostly alone indoors. Or they could change behaviour suddenly, where one may start going out to drink and party a lot.

He added that its only family members and close friends who can note these changes in a person.

To help someone undergoing through depression, Olang’s advice is to hire a therapist to listen to you and for you to listen to yourself.

Jokingly King’ori called it “You pay ujiskie ukiongea” reffering a therapist to “mdaku haongei”.
King’ori wanted to know how much it cost to hire a therapist for someone depressed, which Olang said depends on where someone goes.

Some hospitals charge Sh800 per session whereas some individuals charge around Sh2,500.

Olang’ insisted he is not a trained therapist but helps those who are victims of depression.

On when to quit seeing a therapist and when to know you are okay, Olang’ make fun out of it by saying it is not like airtime where you get a notification reminding you that you have completed yours but since you are given timing of maybe once or twice a week, the frequency with which you need to see a therapist determines how you have recovered from depression.

Towards the end of the show, Olang’ confirmed that crisis leading to depression starts when one loses his/her job or when people close to a person widhraw suddenly.

People who are depressed tend to feel like they have nothing to do or have nowhere to go. He said self-esteem made him go to the qym.

Finally, King’ori asked him what can be done  about those who are depressed but feel like they don’t need to see a therapist

In his response, Olang said one should remind oneself of one’s importance.

He added that it would be a lie to tell someone that whatever they may be going through will soon be over; or saying that their predicament  is just for a period of time — because what if it lasts forever or they don’t get over them?

He said; “All you need to do is to live one more day. One more day at a time and another and another.”

Personally, I find this to be realistic rather than some cheap lies that all will be well.

As always, King’ori must put a challenge to his guest’s final words of which he challenged Olang that, “What if the other day all I wanted was to commit suicide, should I live one more day the same?”

King’ori finalized the show by saying:
“Breathe in and out daily. ”

My rating

What was presented on the show was more than just to rate out of ten. It touched a real-life situation where people undergo depression daily but sometimes don’t know and has no one to talk to about it. In as much as it was not as humorous as always, I think I’m tempted to give the maximum rating (10/10). It was worth watching.


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