Let’s just say it was drama galore on May 1’s Tahidi High


Tahidi High actor Omosh. Courtesy | Trending Kenya

This episode of Tahidi High on Citizen TV was a bit different but full of funny, funny drama as always.

The show, which is normally set on one location, was a bit different. It was shot at Galleria Mall.

This was the plot.

Ms Ombija and a couple of other students meet to buy a couple of items to take to Queen who has a baby now. They do some shopping for Queen and go to her house to see her.

Meanwhile, Queen’s mother has planned a “surprise” for her, which really is her classmates who are visiting her.

However, she does not want Queen to know and she lies that it is just some friends who are coming to see her. However, it is not so far from the truth now, is it?

Farouk and Ashley, on the other hand, are up to no good. They try going to see Queen’s baby but they are not her classmates and instead they decide to go to town.  This decision comes to haunt them later in to the show.

The visit to Queen’s house is not so eventful. She is so emotional and tries to fight back tears when her classmates say “SURPRISE”.

She, however, can’t hide her happiness. When they ask her how it is she breaks into a sad story that almost leaves viewers a bit emotional. Her conversation with Ms Ombija also feels so emotional. Thing is, Queen is such a good actress.

The show then goes back to the school where Mrs Mutembei is trying to see how to deal with students transferring en masse.

But things get even worse: Mama Ashley and Mama Farouk come in. They not only want to know why their kids were out until 2am but also why a pregnant girl was permitted to stay in school. Mama Ashley is so dramatic; she reminds me of the parents who were always in school to find out if their sons were in.

Ashley and Farouk come to school a bit late and find their mothers’ cars parked in the school compound. They know that their goose is cooked when they try running away from school and Kibunja stops them and tells them to go and face their fears. Kibunja is no-nonsense on this episode; I don’t know why.

As Mrs Mutembei is being fried by Mama Farouk and Mama Ashley, Mr Karimi and Mr Kilunda have found Ashley and Farouk and are interrogating them.

When they tell them the truth they are dragged to Mrs Mutembei’s office to face their parents.

Farouk and Ashley, you are in big trouble!

My rating

The show is worth watching.  I give it a 7.5/10. The show is good but they need to redesign it, maybe show us more different places. Or maybe expand their budget and such to accommodate this.




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