Alikiba invited Diamond to his wedding, still they didn’t shake hands: Maina narrates on his May 2 show

Maina Kageni

Maina was one of the few invited guests at Alikiba’s wedding. COURTESY| eDaily Kenya


So, we now know that Maina Kageni was one of the invite-only guests during Bongo star Alikiba’s recent wedding at the Coast.

Today, he talked of his experience there, how he saw Alikiba and his long-time rival Diamond avoid shaking hands — which raised questions of why he would invite Diamond and still act up by not responding to his greetings.

Maina also talked of how he noticed something with one of his Tanzanian female friends who was also at the wedding and how her husband behaved.

The husband, Musa, waited outside the gate the whole time and didn’t leave even for a second.

And that raised today’s topic: Can ladies allow their husband to follow them everywhere? And how do they deal with such men? The presenters also wanted to know if there are Kenyan men who never let their wives go out of their sight.

King’ang’i called it love. He said that some ‘unlucky’ wives don’t see their husbands. When they leave on Friday, they resurrect back on Monday, like Jesus.

A woman called and said how she loves it when the husband follows her everywhere. They go to church together, he drops her at the salon and waits till she is done, then they go to work together and he picks her up. They even go to weddings together.

She said she prefers hanging out with him than her female friends since all that women do is gossip. She advised ladies to do the same and get used to it since this is the person they chose to be with their whole life.

“He should be your team mate and best friend,” she said.

A man called to oppose, saying that the men who behave in that manner should grow up and learn to trust their wives since these are the men with beautiful women and they are insecure. “Compe ni mob,” he said, adding that trust is the key thing in a relationship.

A lady tweeted that she wouldn’t let a man prevent her from doing fun stuff and having girl talks with her friends.
A man called and said that if a woman wants to cheat, she will cheat. He added that women cheat even in their dreams; so there is no way a man can stop a cheating woman. He gave an example: one day he was in a club and there was a lady with her husband two tables away, and the lady started showing signs of interest to him. She even gave him her number without the husband noticing and according to her, her husband follows her everywhere.

My rating
I rate today’s show 8/10. Despite being very informative, it was very funny and detailed.


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