May 1’s Auntie Boss: Enter CCTV cameras and employers can’t shout despite househelps’ unruliness

Auntie Boss pic

Donovan and Varshita doing their thing. COURTESY


If there is a day Njoro, Shiro and Silprosa were waiting for, then this was it. Humorously, the gods answered their prayers at last.

News broadcast from a local TV channel, showing a househelp being beaten by her employer, sent a cold chill down the spines of employers.

In the news, a stern warning was sent to such employers that they could face charges and long jail terms for violating human rights.

It is not only the news that changed things for Njoro, Shiro and Silprosa. A probe by human rights activists into how house helps are being treated by their employers made thing even better for them.

Not all went well for the likes of Donovan,Varshita and Mayweather as the officers from the human rights visited then and called them for a small briefing and finally requesting to install CCTV cameras in their living rooms  to monitor how they handle their hose helps.

With a big shock and unbelievable looks on their faces, they both frowned upon the CCTV idea, something the officers said will cost them a fortune if they refuse. They both termed it as violation of their privacy. Heckling and bragging on how he can pay any amount charged against him, Mayweather even offered to pay for the officers their air tickets back “as money is not a problem to him at all”.

Just to his request, he was issued a cheque. The amount written could only be seen in the amazement registered on his face. Without hesitation, he simply asked when the CCTV arrangement would start.

Njoro received his first token of pampering when Don and Varshita pretended to be sweet to him in front of the camera and even invited him to take tea with them on the same table for the first time, something Njoro found strange.

Shiro, on the other end, was found watching TV by her boss Mama Kylie. But instead of her usual craze, Mama Kylie was so calm and polite towards Shiro until the latter asked her what was really happening.

“Mbona Leo uko smart na mpole, ama Rhino [actually Lionel] anakuja?” she asked her.

Njoro came into the living room mopping the floor while Donovan and his wife Varshita were watching a football match. They allowed Njoro to sit and watch with them but Varshita could not find peace with herself for that.

It was not long before hell broke loose. Varshita misplaced her phone and instantly accused Njoro of taking it. Forgetting they are being monitored, she strangled Njoro, only for Don to spot her phone on the floor. Varshita now had to act nice and pretend to hugging Njoro. But deep down, she detested every second of it.

On hearing about the whole story from the fellow house helps, Silprosa ensured she maximised her exploitation of her boss in the little time left. She wondered why Mayweather has recently changed how he wants to addressed as  “your highness”.

Mayweather was busy praising himself and could not remember when asked the exact number of employees he has. He referred the question to his security guards and not only one but three of them.

On salary, Mayweather could not clearly remember paying his employees salary but only talked of remuneration, which he does in terms of dollars. To his disbelief, Silprosa appeared from nowhere demanding her monthly salary and claiming her landlord has sent her off her rental.

Shiru was now becoming very mischievous and overriding her advantages and protection. She went to an extent of trying her bosses’ clothes. Mama Kylie (or is it Kiarie?) was really feeling the heat on her skin as Shiru demanded to be served the food together with her bosses’ son.

Thinking she was now the boss in the house, she spat back the food to the plate and yelled at her boss for poor cooking, something that did not go well with mama Kylie. Few minutes later, she received a beating of lifetime outside where there was no CCTV as mama Kylie wanted to instill some discipline.

Finding a breakthrough, Sliprosa’s demands could not end. After receiving her full payment, she request some additional for her kids and went to an extend for crying aloud for one she claims was having a diarrhoea. But surprisingly, on receiving the additional cash, she quickly forgot the lie and broke into a dance singing “leo tunaenda kukula nyama”.

Finally, towards the end of the show, Njoroge received a king’s treatment as Varshita and her husband allowed him to sleep their master bedroom, as they take his place on the floor near the door.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 7/10. It was unbelievable how life can change from one single slip from an employer to all other employers. In addition, the character Shiru, despite receiving a terrible beating at last, at least used her opportunities well. Not every day do we get all we ask for. So, use well the little opportunity you get.


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