What you missed on the May 2 Citizen TV show: Aziza’s life is about to change drastically


Aziza starring actress Sanaipei Tande | Courtesy, Pulse Live Kenya

Aziza is almost about to have her secrets found out.  Chiku, her little sister, is discussing her with Alfa; Zayne’s twin brother. It’s a normal lover’s gossip affair but they are overheard by Zayne who is walking into the house.

He storms into the room they are in. Chiku leaves fast and Alpha and Zayne are left arguing. He(Alpha) threatens to go to Aziza’s father.  When they are almost about to fight they leave. Bummer! Who does not love a good TV fight.

Anyway, back to Aziza, Bobo and her leave the kibanda he had taken her for breakfast.

The most interesting thing happens when he goes to pick the keys to his boda boda. Zayne convinces Aziza to get into his car and Bobo is left out there looking like a dummy. Poor Bobo does not realise that Aziza is in love with someone else probably.

When Aziza gets into Zayne’s car they leave off for the studio. Yes the studio. And Aziza is so, so happy. Zayne is serious and wants them to talk but first he wants her to sing her heart out in that recording booth. However, Zayne mentions that he knows that Chacha; that Malkia’s cook is her father. She is worried and not happy that he knows but still she is happy that he brought him to studio.

My favorite character, Lynn seems to be in some kind of trouble. She is just so dramatic, so Alpha confronts her with some of file. He makes fun of her and he chases him out of the house. When he leaves, he tries to make her feel bad. But he throws the file at him. You have to love the way she get furious fast.

The episode goes back to Chacha who seems worried about his daughter Chiku — who seems to crave the good life.

He has already warned her about the family but she is already in love with Alpha. But anyway Chacha goes home and calls his family together. He needs their help in preparing for a party at the home of Bi Malkia.

Mosi, his wife, does not want anything to do with that house. Mosi is one fire cracker; she never disappoints. She is what you look for in a wife: very firm and always opinionated. She seems to be very unhappy with her marriage, though. Even Chiku can’t convince her to go and help but she knows about her (Chiku) and Alpha.

My rating

This is a good show. Very interesting, with lots of drama. It hasn’t disappointed me since I first watched it. I give this week’s episode a 9.5/10 rating.



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