Sampling Kiss FM’s morning ‘Scoop’ of May 4



Let’s start with our very own stars. As we all know, Jaguar and Prezzo have been beefing on each other since time immemorial but they shocked us recently when they released a collabo called “Timika”.

Despite the big achievement, Kenyans have been hating on the jam, saying  it is senseless and tha the only thing that makes sense is the word “timika”. Kenyans, though. Haha.

We move on to the Gospel industry. Rose Mhando, the Tanzanian Gospel star who is every Christian parents’ favourite has been dealing with the devil.

She came out saying that she recently had an abortion. She explaines that it was due to health complications but haters will always be hater.

But again, this devil struck one more time and she bleached her face.

There is also a time she was in court after been sued by an organization for skipping an event. Rumour had it that she had actually been double-booked and chose to go to the event nearer her home town.

This angered her fans and led to her being sued. A if that is not enough, she comes out and says she was fighting with demons who had been sent to silence her music.

From a picture she posted, her face was full of bruises and red patches. Seems like her battle with the devil was so intense. Hahah.

On to the latest couple in town, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika. They upgraded from “best friends” to lovers real quick and even shared a video of them in bed, a HIV test result which tested negative and romantic photo shoots. Otile even went ahead and released a song called “Vera”. I hope their love will last. We all know how celebrity love is.

My rating

I rate the show at 9/10 it was hot, trendy and so shocking. They also did not only  focus on Tanzanian artists like they usually do.


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