It was fun upon fun on May 4’s Ten over Ten Citizen TV show



We start from some minutes before 10/10 started. Harmonize surprised Lilian Muli since apparently it was her birthday and she literally shed tears when the artiste sang her the hit song “Happy Birthday” and a surprise cake was presented to her. (Watch the video by following this link).

Now to the number one entertainment show, 10/10. Harmonize made a grand entrance. He gave his fans what they wanted — from the hit songs to the questions section where he answered truthfully.

He talked of the new club they are opening called High Club in Kilimani. He also discussed Wasafi records and sent a vote of thanks to his producer and Diamond who he referred to as “simba”.

Harmonize’s fans also showered him with gifts like portraits and designer caps.

Visita, a Kenyan rapper, hyped up the studio with his songs and talked of his exit from Grandpa records but didn’t say the main reason he left.

He said he was inspired to start his own studio. He was asked if he knows an artist called Shawn Boy. He denied knowing him and said he did not want any another question about him. Seems like there is  beef going on with this mysterious boy.

He also said he is happy that the music Industry is growing. He then released his new song called “Nyokonyoko”.

And his video has the Ninja Turtle cartoon. This made the cartoon lovers hyped up even more.

My rating

From the pink girls tops and the blue t-shirts for the men, the upcoming artists hosted — like P for Passion from Tanzania and Beka the Boy, a Kenyan — the hot mix songs and the sizzling host Joey Muthengi, I rate today’s show at 10/10


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