A very emotional last episode for Victoria on the lounge


Victoria’s Lounge is one of those weekend shows which are really not meant for the weekend. The show normally tries to fuse fun with some seriousness and some emotions.

For the May 5 one, things were a bit different. The show has had a long run but this was the final show.

Victoria Rubadiri will be leaving NTV, having held a farewell party on Thursday. Her nearly five-year run at the station was wound up with a show about mental health in teens.

This is why I think it was a good show.

Zaria Gikonyo was the highlight of the show. Her story caught my attention from beginning to end. Victoria did not leave any stone unturned. Let me give you a bit of the story.

Zaria who at the time in the final year of her A-level studies suffered a bout of depression and was trying to get herself back to her feet.

The medicine she got made her to go some dependency level and she could not do without them.

According to her, they gave her some  “high”.

She lost weight and became suicidal and at some point, things went a bit out of hand when she almost killed herself with the shower hanger.

This was her breaking point. This is what made her rethink her life and went straight to her mother.

Her journey of trying to figure out her life started out from there. This is where she started getting some help from some mental hospital and they did everything to make sure her life was back on track.

She did not even waste time about it.

Once she got better, she even got a tattoo of herself. The tattoo is the words Warrior but the ‘i’ is a colon — to signify some progress in mental health.

Her story is not the only thing that caught my eye but the way Wanjiru Mbogo was brought in to contribute to the conversation.

Wanjiru, a medical mental health expert, ensured viewers were able to attribute some of the signs that someone is facing some problems and how to know when things have gotten a bit worse.

Her input also on social media and how teenagers are using them is what caught my eye and has made me want to be a bit more careful on such platforms. Her solution, that people should talk about it, also caught me.

My rating
I would rate Victoria’s final show of Victoria’s Lounge at 8/10. It caught my attention, it was educative and very emotional. I was able to connect with the guests at some point. It was a good show.


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