Ashley and Farouk aren’t the only ones in trouble on Apr 8’s Tahidi High


If you thought Ashley and Farouk were the only ones in trouble, then you haven’t watched Tahidi High enough to see the drama here.

Baron, a guy who felt like he could remove a girl’s clothes and lie about it, was caught red-handed.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Farouk are in a whole lot of trouble.  Remember how last week they were bundled into the staff room by Mr Karimi, Mr Kilunda and Ms Ombija after they lied going to Queen’s “Baby shower”?

Finally, the three teachers squeezed out the truth out of the two.

Mrs Mutembei has now been able to calm the tempers of Mama Ashley and Farouk.

I swear those two are troublemakers on another level. They made Mrs Mutembei almost have a nervous breakdown by threatening to call for an impromptu parents meeting. She has managed to get them to see how their children have really “improved and changed”.

She even points out that Ashley can’t get pregnant like Queen. Snide, Ms Ombija. Snide! Mama Farouk and Mama Ashley leave after they are calmer after they fail to convince Mrs Mutembei to not let Queen back to school.

While they are about to leave the school they meet their children. Mama Farouk refers to them as “sungura mjanja  na mwenzake”. However, they can’t seem to agree on their children as Mama Farouk tells Mama Ashley not to call her son a failure and Mama Farouk warns him not to go near Ashley again. Both of them agree on one thing only “ tupatane nyumbani” loosely translating to I’ll see you at home and in Kenyan English I’ll deal with you later. Mr Kilunda is askdd to punish the two and he makes them translate a book to Swahili in three days.

Baron is in more trouble. Since harassing Sandra, he has been in hot soup. When asked to give an account of what happened he lies in a letter. Sandra differs with his story and he is forced to tell the truth. Men and lies eeh? Anyway who am I to judge and I’m a guy. Mr Karimi and his counterparts are furious. Once they send Sandra out they set out to punish Baron who is given a punishment to wash class and the administration corridors for two weeks.

Omosh is finally back and the support staff choose to celebrate his new lease in life. He has been facing alcohol issues in real life and in the programme. However he finally got clean and is choosing to let it into the programme.

My rating

I would rate the show a definite 8.5/10. The show is well-written and is quite interesting to watch. It is doesn’t have glaring story plot problems compared to other shows in Kenya.





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