Even akala wearers are part of ‘vehicles’ ruining Nairobi roads, jokes Dr King’ori on May 7’s Wicked Edition


Dr King’ori, the host of NTV’s The Wicked Edition. COURTESY| Nairobi News


The show started with Dr King’ori being skeptical on this famous phrase “mikono ya serikali ni mrefu” following an incident that happened in Machakos where a man went to a police station to report about being robbed only to find that the officers at desk were among those who robbed him.

Dr King’ori also “chickened” out on “jamaa wa kuku kuona jogoo”, referring to Deputy President William Ruto’s unsuccessful visit to former president Daniel Moi.

The topic of the day was Nairobi City, and in Dr King’ori’s observation, Nairobi’s problems are designed to kill you.

He gave an example of the current flooding in city. The water, he said, comes out to visit at your place of residential and anywhere you go.

Picking on a photo that has been circulating online where a passenger in a bus was using an umbrella due to a leaking roof, he observed that is is no wonder that it is hard for  touts to hike bus fare due to rains, since it rains even inside the matatus.

He also joked that the reason why people “talk dirty” is because of dust in Nairobi when it dries.

Nairobi is known for poor garbage disposal practices, but in Dr King’ori’s mind, people should not complain about the garbage in the city as it is a source of income for some people.

He even  linked musician Timmy T Dat with the garbage business as he was initially a garbage collector before entering into the music industry.

On Nairobi’s poor roads, especially in Eastlands, Dr King’ori applied irony by supporting Embakasi MP George Theuri, who had previously blamed the residents for misusing their own roads as people from other estates like Roysambu don’t use those roads.

“Badala ya kutumia njia ya vichorochoroni, mnajijazaa kwa main road.”

He went ahead to show a picture of a man wearing akala, the sandals made from old tyres, saying they are among the things increasing potholes on the roads.

Making jokes out of potholes in Umoja estate, he said they should even be enlarged as they are water catchment areas for the residents. You know water crisis in Umoja.

The guest on the show was former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo, the ex-boxer.

On the state of Nairobi, he said people will blame Governor Mike Sonko the same way they did to his predecessor Kidero, but the truth is Nairobi’s problems did not start today. All the problems facing the city, he opined, started from the times of mayors at the city hall.

In his interview, Mr Ndolo said the same people who stole mayoral chains and sold them to the French are the same people who propel the rot in the city. He defiantly insisted that Mr Sonko cannot be blamed for Nairobi’s problems.

When Dr King’ori asked him about what he thinks is the problem in Nairobi, he replied: “Nairobi residents are good people provided you give them clean water, security lights, proper housing, good transport systems and better schools for their children.”

He added: “But because of the cartels in the City Hall, whoever goes there, even you, [pointing at Dr King’ori] with all your degrees and master’s, you won’t make it. The cartels are rooted.”

During the interview, Mr Ndolo cried out on the Nairobi youth who today are not keen to maintain the city’s cleanliness but are only after miraa and muguka.

Funny enough, Dr King’ori cut him short, saying they are cleaning their digestive systems.

Mr Ndolo went on to blame the cartels for the garbage heaping in the city. Since Sonko was tough on the cartels, he said, they are the same people who dump the garbage in the city at night at clean it during the day, making it hard to do away with the garbage.

The moment of the show was when Dr King’ori asked  Mr Ndolo if Sonko is not aware of the dumping done at night. He said yes he is, but the problem is Nairobi is big and it is hard to tell where. King’ori finally breathed out: “As Sonko sleeps, he is aware someone is dumping garbage in the city.”

Finally on the handshake between President Kenyatta and  former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Dr King’ori asked him if it will solve the problems Kenyans have, especially the Nairobians.

Mr Ndolo replied that the handshake can only have a positive effect if it is based on pure truth and not personal gain.

Finally, Dr King’ori challenged his guest to apologise because last week, even President Kenyatta apoligised to whoever he may have offended.

He replied that he only apologises to his wife. This gave Dr King’ori  a chance to crack a joke, and he went on to ask which wife Mr Ndolo was apologising to because he had earlier been recorded complaining that his wife had been snatched.

To his reply, “Kuna bibi na mke. Make ni wife na bibi ni wale wengine.” Implying he only apologizes to “mke” who was not snatched, sending a warning if they try they will be carried by floods. I think he meant the wife snatchers.

He refused to send any apology on air to anyone but instead challenged Dr King’ori to mention any clean person he knows. He in fact asked Dr Kingori to confirm if he himself is clean. The host’s was a clever answer; that he is not a politician and so he is clean. Okay, only him and gospel artiste Willy Paul who calls himself “Willy Paul Msafi”.

My rating

On my rating I give the show a score of 6/10. Dr Kingori brought a very relevant topic on the table and invited  the most preferred guest to help in shining light into the topic. The issue of Nairobi and its problems can only be addressed by those who know Nairobi well and, if you ask me, Reuben Ndolo was the man, having served as an MP in the capital.

However, time was not enough to tackle most of the touchy issues I expected. Maybe Dr King’ori was in a hurry to end the show because of the “Nairobi floods.” I hope he will still consider revisiting the Nairobi issue some time later.



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