A woman said she sees five men and someone said she should be stoned: Highlights of Maina’s May 9 show

Maina Kageni

Maina wa Kageni. COURTESY| eDaily Kenya


“Women get bitter and outrageous sometimes. They hold in a lot of anger but when opportunity comes for them to speak up, they break down and when they do they talk like parrots.”

Those are the word with which Maina opened today’s discussion.

He said a woman called yesterday and let out her emotions. He played their conversation and this is what she said.

“My husband is something else. He thinks he is the only one that can get ladies and women. Look at him, I can also have someone look at me. It’s only that I respect the marriage. He stays in the club all night. I want him to come help the kids do their homework once in a while. Men, why can’t you do something right for once? Enyewe men can’t change because they are born by the same mother and father.”

The question today was: Can men change?

A man called and said that men are built by women. “It is because of them that we men are who we are,” he said.

Another man called and added that if he marries a good woman who respects him even in the wrong, he will come home early to her. But if it’s a bad woman with a big mouth like the caller, he will go to the local bar and take his time till she cries herself to sleep.

A woman called and advised women not to talk to the husbands in a bad way while shouting but in a cool tone since these men have ears too.

She added that these loud arguments are what lead to fights and divorces in marriages.

A woman argued that men change when they are ready; that a man will never change from cheating and he will only change from drinking if the doctor says so.

She then showed her crazy side by saying that she deals with five men at a time.

“When one starts bringing his nonsense, I drop him. I philander like they all do,” she concluded.

A woman tweeted that the tongue of a woman is poisonous.

A man called to share his thoughts on the woman with five men. He said that she should be stoned since women are not allowed to do what men do. Hahah!!! He said that men are like wine, they mature with age and they should be handled with care.

My rating

I rate today’s show at 8/10. The introduction was attractive and the number of callers who contributed was higher than usual, making the topic more lively.


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