May 8’s Auntie Boss: When Mayweather knew that he doesn’t know

Auntie Boss

Part of the Auntie Boss cast. COURTESY| Auntie Boss Twitter page


The opening scenes were characterised by a little bit of stubbornness from Njoro who refused to be sent to the shop. Instead, he sneaked into Varshita’s wardrobe, opened her jewel box and stole her golden chain.

Accidentally, he fell on the floor, which made Varshita to come check what was happening in her room. Carrying a frying pan on her, she found Njoro on the floor, holding his mouth.

Njoro, on realising he was in trouble, turned things round and accused Varshita of hitting him with a pan and made him loose his teeth in the process. Unbelievably, he demands a compensation threatening to go to the labour office to lodge a complaint over physical assault.

Elsewhere, Mayweather was busy complaining of lack of content in the newspaper he was reading, when Tiffany popped up from her bedroom demanding her birthday present.

On his defence, Mayweather spoke of not receiving a birthday notification on his Facebook account, as they were friends on Facebook, something that did not go well with Tiffany.

As Njoro was playing hard on his boss, Shiro was on a hard rock. She expected Mama Kylie to go to work as always but instead she woke up, sat on the couch, and started to watch TV. Soon there was a knock on the door. On opening, Shiro met her friends with whom she spends time when her boss is out working.

She had to turn them back as it was not their day. The boss was in. When asked whom she was talking to, she gave a funny response: “Nilikuwa naongea na watu wa Jehovah witness.”

Njoro, on the other side, demanded compensation from Varshita, threatening even to report her to the labour office. Varshita instead said it was God’s punishment to Njoro for trying to steal from her.

In his attempt to ease things with Tiffany, Mayweather promised to take her out on a date. Running late for the dinner, he forgot his car keys while Tiffany was fuming on a phone call on his whereabouts.

The problems did not end there, immediately he set foot inside the elevator, it stopped instantly, locking him up. To make things worse, his mobile phone lost its signal.

Tiffany waited long enough and when she tried to call Mayweather, his phone was off. She thought he switched his phone off. She was pissed off and left fuming.

Mama Kylie not going to work made Shiro’s life a living hell. Her demands became unbelievable. She ordered Shiro to clean the floor with clean water, all kitchen cabins to be cleaned, and curtains and windows to be washed clean. In an attempt to skip her duties, Shiro threatened to go on leave too, only to be promised told there will be no salary if she proceeded.

Varshita fell for Njoro’s false accusations and compensated him. Still, Njoro could not have enough. He refused to eat ugali and instead demanded Varshita to mix ugali with potatoes and the blend them so that he can eat without hurting his teeth. Varshita gave him Sh500 in addition but still Njoro rejected, asking for a golden tooth as a perfect replacement for his lost one.

On his final attempt to solve the misunderstanding between him and Tiffany, Mayweather bought a car to surprise Tiffany but things took another turn before he presented her the gift. One of his side chicks, whom he had also promised a birthday gift, came in at the right to claim the car and drove off.

Stranded and tongue-tied, Tiffany found Mayweather stuck with a handbag on his hands unable to express himself on what has happened. He could not even show her the surprise he promised. He simply had nothing to say at all.

Tiffany, fuming for being disappointed for the second time, drove of recklessly and accidentally rammed from behind the car she was almost given as a gift.

Not knowing whom she was, the lady owner fumed and called his boyfriend, who is Mayweather, to report on the accident.

Mayweather picked the call and on hearing his new car was involved in an accident.  He rushed to the scene to see for himself. On approaching from a distance, he could not believe it was Tiffany and the other lady who were involved in the accident. Sensing the danger he was heading into, he turned his car and drove off unseen.

Finally, Shiro had the longest day of all. Her boss insisted she could not take her afternoon nap as she does always after lunch. Instead, she commanded her to go and wash utensils. Shiro defended herself by making Mama Kylie aware of how she does her work plan, which always includes a nap.

Seeing Mama Kylie being tough on her, she stepped out and told her boss’s employer to recall her back to work and revoke her off.

My rating

I give the show a rating of 6/10. Mama Kylie gave a nice payback to her househelp as last time she enjoyed privileges thanks to a CCTV camera installed in the living room.


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