Aziza’s secret is finally out on May 9’s Citizen TV show

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande, the starring actress in Aziza. COURTESY

The party finally happened. After weeks of agonising on how this party will be, it was finally here. The who-is-who in the country are at Bi Malkia Fay’s home and they are all want to have a good time.

However, the party did not lack any touch of drama that Aziza always brings to the show — from Malkia deconstructing the catering staff and threatening everyone to Mosi threatening to beat her up if she talks rude to her again to Fay asking for Binti’s ID. Poor short woman.

When they all get to work, everyone is busy and people in the party are having a good time. Malkia pulls Lynn from a guy’s arm. These two can’t stay together and not fight. Ever. However, Lynn is not having any of this and leaves and goes to have a good time.

Alpha was not done with Bella. Last week, he threatened her with some information but she chased him away from her house. This time he continues arguing with her over the fact that she is alone and Zayne is slowly moving to Aziza. Bella is not happy that Zayne broke up with her for Aziza. She vows to have him back but it seems very tricky.

Zayne finally makes Aziza to perform at the party. She is skeptical especially because her whole family is there.

However, she finally takes the stage and starts performing.  The crowd is all over her and they seem to like her performance. Then her sister notices and even calls her mother to see what her daughter is doing.

Things take a sudden when Aziza’s father Chacha finds her performing in the show and slaps her really hard. Before he even says anything, he falls down and faints.

At the hospital, the family is deeply worried about Chacha. When Chiku asks her mother what is wrong, she is livid and tells her she does not know. When Aziza tells her what is wrong, the mother blames her for making her father slip into a coma. She even chases her out of the hospital before she exposes her. Aziza is grief-stricken and leaves her family to go home.

Lynn has finally given Malkia Fay what she wants. She is leaving, for a while though, and not with her daughter. She is leaving Fay in charge of Lisa. She wants some time to think.

My rating

I would rate the show another 10/10. The show encompassed everything from emotions to drama to comedy. Rashid Abdallah is one good writer and if you think I am lying, watch the show. It will not disappoint.



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