From Nicah and Harmonize’s rumoured relationship to Otile’s song being pulled off YouTube, May 10’s Big Scoop was just the best

Big Scoop poster for Kiss 100 (COURTESY Twitter)


Today on Kiss 100’s The Big Scoop from Mpasho gossip starts with Otile brown a Bongo artist who is currently known to be dating Vera Sidika, had released a famous love song with Sanaipei Tande with 1.4million views.

It was only one month old,was pulled down because some girl called Janet Kipsang claimed the song was hers. Who is Janet Kipsang anyway? That’s what we are all asking ourselves.

Lupita was in Kenya. Yes! Lupita from the Black Panther movie was in Kisumu last week. She was accompanied by a couple of investors, rumour has it that she wants to develop Kisumu, her home town since she even asked to have a meeting with the county leaders. It’s nice to give back to the community.
Harmonize a Bongo artist was in town and decided to spend time with Nicah.
She is a Kenyan gospel artist and Dr Ofweneke’s ex. Dr Ofweneke is a Kenyan comedian. The two broke up recently.
Mpasho contacted her just to confirm if she might be pregnant for Harmonize since they shared a photo of the two of them in a bedroom and one can tell the intensity of their relationship.
The conversation did not go down so well since Nicah denied she doesn’t know Harmonize and she immediately hang up. She is such a bad liar.
Jacqueline Wolper, Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend advises Nicah to take care because she  feared him like leprosy. Harmonize got angry and release a list of all the men she is rumored to have slept with. It’s a world full of drama, right?
On to better news, Zari is in town. She is here to celebrate Mother’s Day with us as she attends a cancer awareness concert called Colour Purple Concert where she will be in the company of many kenyan artistes.
My rating 
I rate today’s Big Scoop at 9/10. The gossip was fresh and juicy and involved artistes from the music industry, movie world and fashion house like Zari.

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