Why Betty Kyallo’s interview with Zari was nothing to write home about


Betty Kyallo with Zari Hassan courtesy of Twitter

Zari’s media tour in Kenya is one to write home about. Everyone was looking forward to hear the Instagram queen speak. However, one of the interviews that caught everyone by surprise was the one she did with Betty Kyallo on Friday Briefing. Here are some of the highlights and things picked up from the interview.

Her accent

Everyone was surprised by the way she was speaking. Few were expecting her to speak the way she did. She caught everyone by surprise. Her accent made everyone feel like she was somehow faking it or had a “slay queen accent”.

Where does she get her money from?

This is something serious that everyone has been waiting to hear how she gets her money. Apparently, the boss lady has a number of schools in South Africa and a company which she is CEO.

Her interests in business span on a wide range of interests — mainly schools and such. At least Betty put that issue to bed.

Her children

The 37-year-old is a mother of five. Her journey on motherhood is not so exposed. She talked about her children in high regard. She seems to favour her last born Latifa a lot. And it seems like she pampers them a lot. She talks about them like they are the most important thing to her.

On “haters”

Zari does not seem to be bothered about the hate she gets on social media. The stories that come up about her do not bother her a lot a lot also, she said.

She seemed not to be bothered by the way people think about her. However she did seem angry about the fact they talk about her like that. But who could blame her? But according to her, she does what is right.

On Diamond and her husband

The Boss Lady was very cagey on the issue of her exes — both Ivan (the late) and Diamond, at least during the interview.

She seemed not to be bothered about them right now. She seemed not interested in talking about Diamond’s cheating or her abusive marriage with Ivan.

However, in an interview with The Trend, she said she was just too tired of the disrespect.

The Purple Concert

The main reason she is in Nairobi was because she was raising awareness about cancer. She has been big on making sure that everybody is sensitised on cancer.

My rating

I would rate the interview a flat 5/10. Betty could have been more pressing but instead her competitors took the chance.


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