Zari and Padi set the record straight on May 11’s The Trend

Amina Abdi Rabar with Zari Hassan Courtesy Twitter

The Trend yesterday was a really fun edition of the show. It kicked off with the performance of Padi who is known for his many parodies online. He kicked off the show with his version of Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq.

The interview of Monique and Ketchup then kicked in. The dynamic duo was there to hype their new single “Hold Closer”. However mid interview Monique’s husband walked in with a bouquet of flowers. Their online show of love was also a question that was featured in the interview. Monique was quick to agree that this is something that comes up but she knows the separation of public and private life. Monique who is also pregnant is set to release an EP in the next few days.


Zari Hassan made show at the Trend. She answered so many questions which were coming up. from her relationship with Diamond and what she as described as his disrespect in the relationship. She also seems to have a lot of relationship advice and asked women to not stay in relationships that are just violent and do not pay anything.

Her Colour Purple concert also came into play and she was able to talk about her collaboration with artistes and creating awareness about cancer. She also talked about the health project she is doing in Kayole and Korogocho.

Jazzy Jeff

American icon Jazzy Jeff was in the country and who better to do an interesting interview other than Amina Abdi. She has mastered the art of giving powerful interviews with international stars. Her interview encompassed a lot of things. His relationship with Will Smith and his walk out of the Grammy and Kanye West and his sentiments on Slavery and his career were the main issues picked out during the interview. He seemed to have a lot of opinions on the music industry nowadays and record labels spoiling the music industry.


Padi’s interview had to be the most funny interviews. The music parody hit maker is just one hilarious chap. His interview spanned over a wide range of issues. His relationship with Drake since his release of a parody of God’s Plan, his interesting in making sure that he has now started making his own music.

He came out to clear to make sure that guys have known that he and Drake have no beef and that he does not have any beef with him.

My rating

I’d give the show a 9/10 it was witty, great and offered a fresh array of guests and Amina was good. However her connection with the digital team needs to be worked on in order to make sure they have better performance.





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