Midas touch: Even when it looks dull, Churchill Show still excites people

Watch YouTube video: The full May 13 episode of Churchill Show.


I personally thought it was a flat show Churchill served us last Sunday. There were no clever punchlines, there were issues with sound, and it had all the marks of a struggling show. To make matters more painful, it was themed around Mother’s Day, meaning its flatness was felt harder.

I wanted to write about how Churchill Show has been below par in terms of jokes in the last two weeks. But like the objective person that I am, I scrolled online to check how others have been receiving the performances.

Turns out the last show didn’t make everyone fed up. Maybe, I wasn’t in the same frequency as the jokes.

As per comments posted on YouTube and Twitter,  there were many moments that excited viewers, among them the waiter at Carnivore who took a chance given to him by MC Jesse and ran away with it, reciting a love poem that had everyone applauding.

By the time of uploading this story on Tuesday 3.20 pm, the YouTube upload of last Sunday’s piece had been viewed 97, 437  times after just two days and was the fifth trending video

Carolina Njeri commented on YouTube: “I’m super happy for the waiter. God huwork in mysterious ways. He had to look for a job as a waiter where Churchill show happens for him one day to be discovered! I hope to hear him again and again.”

“To be honest the waiter is a great poet,” posted Millicent Adhiambo.

Monique Mungai typed: “Woow the poet is mwaaahest.”

I’m not trying to start trouble, but you can all see that it is mostly ladies who fell for the poem. Maybe it’s the reason I didn’t find his performance exceptional in any way.

Nasra and Bernard recently graduated from Maisha Magic East’s Ultimate Comic competition and we won’t be unfair to expect fresh and memorable jokes from them. They’re still learning, yes, but they need to crack ribs as they used to do when they were in the talent search.

And when I turned to Twitter, I found out that I was not the only let-down Kenyan.

“My sense of humour could be wanting because that thing is hell boring!” posted Ian Malcom before even the last comedian could perform to pave way for Otile Brown who crowned the show.

“No football, I flip channels and find this cringe fest of a show called Churchill Show,” ranted Night King.

But Teller 254 had a different view: “Such an incredible show tonight. From host to performers yawa.”






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