When the party gets busted: Tahidi High’s May 15 review

Image result for ms ombija tahidi high

Jacob of Tahidi High.

Farouk is always the guy in trouble in Tahidi High. This guy never knows when trouble will find him and what it will find him doing. I bet it is always like, “Hey, Farouk. What do you wanna do today?”

Anyway, enough cheesiness. Here is what went down the May 15 edition of Tahidi High.

Seems there are going to be new students in the school. Guess who got wind of the news that hot lasses are going to be in that pack? You really don’t need to guess. It is Farouk, and his squad (Jacob and Jeff.) They make a plan on how they will go in. You might think they are a SWAT team doing a rescue session.

They make their final plans and when they get there they find the watchman and Omollo. When the watchman asks where they are going and asks them to sign the visitors’ book, they leave him standing there humiliated and Omollo laughing. Omollo is one spoilsport, given the cordial way in which they were talking with the watchman.

When the new comers come in, Farouk and the guys are not wasting time. They are quite interested in the ladies. They trail Jennifer as she takes them to a lobby to meet up with Mrs Mutembei and the teachers.

Ron is not feeling well. Ron feels threatened that a teacher has been hired to teach the same subjects he teaches. He has one huge outburst and storms off. He leaves for the library where he might get into some trouble with the librarian.

Apparently, the librarian has a big crush on Ron. She practically has had an eye on him for a while. Ron has none of it and when she tries to help him find the book he is looking for she kisses his hand forcefully. Like she wants something from Ron; like something more.

Back to Farouk and his squad. They have already been left alone by Jennifer. When they are about to show up Mel, Jeff’s girlfriend shows up with Mya and finds out about Jeff’s and Farouk’s plans. She storms off and he runs out to talk to Mel.

When the rest of the boys and Mya walk into the room, they find the new comers seated exchanging pleasantries. They get chatty with the guys and just when the party heats up Mrs Mutembei walks into the room and they are all caught by Mr Kilunda and Mr Karimi.

My rating

I would rate the show 7.5/10. It was catchy and a bit off the comfort zone. They are definitely shaping the show to be quite nice and riveting.    


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