Aziza’s problems are just beginning: May 16’s show review

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande, the starring actress on Aziza.

Aziza is battling with a lot this week. To start with, her mother has a lot of bile about her and chased her away from the hospital. She is seated and contemplating what happened to her father when Zayne walks in and finds her outside the hospital. He tries to talk to her but she has known of it and tells him he is the reason to blame but he seems to try and make things right. Trying to make sure the bill is catered for.

When she is about to go Alpha walks in. He is a bit non apologetic about what happened to her and how she got caught. However, he sympathises with her about her father’s situation and holds her hand. Chiku who is walking out finds the two talking and looking all chummy but she lets them go away.

Chiku is one insecure person, but who can judge her? She just wants to keep her ‘man’.

She even warns Aziza not to go anywhere near her man. She is so serious but Aziza is not even near interested with Alpha since her heart seems to be with someone else.

Moving on, Bella has some problems she seems like she won’t be handling anytime soon. She is somehow not getting how Zayne left her and settled for someone else. She approaches him at the office and he dresses her down telling her how better Aziza is and that she should go back to the village she came from because she does not have what it takes to be good enough.

As if she has not heard enough of dress-downs, she goes to Alpha who equally goes hard on her. When she proposes they work together he has reservations and tells her sarcastically yes. He then goes out to give her a dress down telling her that she had humiliated him and telling him he would amount to nothing but things changed quickly. Now she has no one to depend on and she’s gone.

Mosi is also not giving Aziza a break. After chasing her away from the room her husband is in she now gives her a hospital bill. She seems she wants Aziza to feel bad about taking her father (Aziza) to hospital. She (Mosi) tells Aziza to find a way to pay the bill.

My rating

I would give the show a rating of 9/10. The story was a bit disjointed. It explored little of Lilly’s trip. Where is she? And why is Fay not in the picture?


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