The Trend under Amina appears to have changed direction; but will it work?


A banner for Amina Abdi’s #TheTrend

The Trend is literally shaping into something different.  The show, as hosted by Amina Abdi, has become a complete 360 degrees from the way its predecessor Larry Madowo had made it.

Here are a few things I have observed about the latest direction of the show.

  1. Dance is key

One thing I have observed about the show ever since Amina took over is that dance has become an integral part of it. Almost every week, it is guaranteed that a dance crew will be there. This week it was Made of Dance. Dance crews like GQ Dancers and others have graced the show.

Though Larry Madowo was keen on getting all talent on the show, Amina and her production team have been keen to ensure that dance is a big component. It is a nice thing and has exposed erstwhile unknown dance crews.

  1. Respect to old acts

Amina has been keen on ensuring that old acts have not been left behind. The show has hosted a couple of people who were at their peak in the past — from Glen Washington to San Fan Thomas and Dj Jazzy Jeff and actors like Omosh and OJ who seemed like they are not in the limelight again. This shows that the Trend is pegged on honouring the guys who were in the limelight in years gone by.

  1. Human interest stories

The Trend has tried to get more ordinary stories of people. Yesterday it was Mary Waruguru who became a star after she helped save tens of children in the Solai dam tragedy. A few weeks ago, she also hosted Dennis — a tout who returned a wallet with Sh30,000 to a passenger who had dropped it in his maatu.

This makes the show have a relatable twist to it as you will not see artistes punching out talking points that their publicists gave them the day before and they have repeated throughout the day. This is something that has become synonymous with many artistes who grace Friday TV and Radio.

  1. Promoting new talent and ideas

The show has become the place for new talents to expose themselves. Artistes like Nadia and Mumbi have been able to get a national ear and get everyone to listen to them. Amina has been able to introduce new ideas with conversations on making money online and acts like people who do karaoke.

Overall, Amina has been able to carve a niche for herself as a good TV host and making sure that everyone’s attention is captured. Her show is still one of the most watched shows even after Larry left.


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