Sophia Wanuna’s explosive conversation on May 20’s Check Point

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Sophia Wanuna KTN Checkpoint Host

Sunday’s Check Point programme on KTN News was the best political discussion I watched that night.

Nairobi was the centre of discussion and who better have this discussion other than Onchari Oyeyo who is political advisor to the Governor, David Murathe who is the vice chair of Jubilee Party and former deputy governor of Nairobi, Jonathan Mueke?

The interview kicked off with a replay of an interview Sonko had a few days ago. He defended his position about the work in Nairobi County and what he was doing to make Nairobi better.

Sophia, from the onset, went full ballistic on the state of Nairobi, calling it as it; making sure everyone has a grim picture of Nairobi and how it looks like right now — fom the garbage to the traffic and everything that is wrong with the city county today.

Onchari Oyeyo was very defensive of the Governor,  from him saying that the system was broken before Mike Sonko became Governor to the demonstration and campaigning for the President’s re-election, Onchari had a lot of excuses about why Sonko was “underperforming.”

Sophia Wanuna did not have any of it and was very pressing. The best part her asking whether Sonko did not have time for the citizens who voted him in. She was able to make sure that Onchari was accountable to the Kenyan people. The most interesting thing was that it seemed like a 3-1 kind of interview because Murathe, Mueke and Sophia did not hold back on hitting Onchari real hard with the facts.

Mueke however was also not given a break by Sophia. She was able to make sure that she questions everything. From the poor leadership alleged by Governor Mike Sonko to the cartels alleged that ran around Gov Kidero’s run during his times as Governor and whether they fought them or encouraged them. Sophia asked what they really had done for Kenyan citizens.

Murathe went ham on the governor and even at some point asked what people in Governor Sonko’s office are smoking. Murathe has been categorical that Mike Sonko has failed Nairobians. At some point it seemed like he was calling for impeachment. Murathe’s contempt for Sonko came out in the open yesterday.

My rating

I would rate this discussion a 9/10. Sophia Wanuna is a talent and she is very thorough in the way she handles interviews. She however seems to be of the opinion that the Governor has failed and it played out in the interview; though it is not a bad thing.


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