Maya stands out as the best actor in May 22’s Tahidi High

tahidi high

Tahidi High actress, Maya. Courtesy – Facebook

The Tahidi High drama on Citizen TV continues and yesterday it did not lack its normal dose. Here is what went down.

Queen is back in school. For those who do not know who Queen is, she is the girl who got pregnant and has been off the set for a couple of months.

There were mixed reactions about her coming back. From the discussion Kellen had with Kibunja and Omosh — Kibunja representing the faction saying she ought to have been married while Kellen and Omosh showed support for her continuing her studies.

However, Queen seems to have some problems with going back to school. She does not want to eat because breast milk will spill and has concerns about her kid being all alone the whole day. After meeting with Mrs Mutembei, she seems to have things straightened up and she leaves for class.

Her encounter in class is also filled with some mixed reactions. Mixed because of Maya. Who doesn’t know Maya is trouble she is never going to give anyone some piece of her mind?

When Queen responds positively to a comment made by Nick by telling him “you are so sweet”, Maya calls her a mama who should stay away from younger guys in the school and go for the older men.

Queen replies that she can’t bring her down and that she is stronger than ever. Mr Karimi who was watching this from the back of the class starts clapping and the rest of the class joins in applauding her speech.

Form 2 has new class members: Chloe and Nick who came in last week and caused trouble.

When they are introduced to the class, they have the weirdest welcome speech from Maya. The drama queen went on to give a poem and was interrupted by Nick who wanted to know what the hell was going on.

When Melissa tells her to ignore her, all hell breaks loose. Maya goes berserk on her because she is, apparently, going after her “boyfriend”. Nick denies it and even says they did not have a thing. Then the whole class laughs and ridicules Maya, forcing her to sit down.

My rating

The show deserves a 9/10 because of Maya. She has been making her acting skills come out even more and more. This is something that producers need to start looking out for.


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