Standard’s cheeky Pogba photo draws worldwide banter, trolling




The sports desk at the Standard Group on Tuesday served readers with a photo of Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba with his left hand inserted in his short as the right held a water bottle.

The headline above the photo read: “Pogba’s future in his hands.”

Anyone reading the story must have flashed back to the famous joke written on men’s urinals “the future is now in your hands” to joke about the organ making that sacred activity possible.

Now, the cheeky headline has reached the people whose business it is to troll footballers and clubs.

Troll Football is one of the world’s most famous Twitter handles for that, and on Wednesday, it shared Standard’s page with a caption: “That headline and pic 😂😂.”

The account has 809,000 followers all over the world and most of them reacted with laughter.

Pogba page

“Would’ve been cool if it was a question,” one quipped.

Another stated: “I’d sue that newspaper if I were Pogba, LOL. Out of all the decent photos they chose this one? 😂 Whoever wrote that article did it on purpose.”

“His future is hidden deep somewhere,” joked another.


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