What do men get from older women? Classic FM listeners weigh in


An illustration of King’ang’i. COURTESY


From Tuesday’s conversation, a man called and talked of how he loves his relationship with a woman who is 16 years older than him.

Although they aren’t together since she is no longer in the country, he says he would never date a woman younger than him since they tend to nag a lot due to immaturity. It brought about today’s discussion: What do men get from older women?

King’ang’i wondered what such a couple talks about since that relationship looks like manipulation, reason being, she is an ancestor who fought for independence. Ouch, that  was harsh!

A man called an pitied the husbands of these women, saying that a man is out there working hard for you yet the woman with no shame takes the money to young boys. He then added that most of these women are widowed and thus they look for campus boys since they have the energy to do “yoga” in bed.

A woman called and said that if a man does his work in bed well, the woman becomes blind about everything else. But if the men grow big kitambis, they become paralysed and that’s why they are left.

A listener tweeted that Money is what those broke men want; that the old women give money unlike the young women who ask for it.

A lady tweeted and said, “Men are lazy. They don’t want to think, work or do anything. They just want to be babies all their lives. That’s why they look for their mothers’ clones. These old women even give career advice.”

An older woman called and said she would rather have a young man as long as money is not the problem; that she will take him to the Coast if he wants to and buy him an iPhone since she knows her reward will be given with all yoga styles. She was humorous enough to say that she will “start smelling like plastic juu ya venye kumewaka moto.”

My rating

I rate today’s show at 9/10. The humour was real, the contributions were in plenty and at least this time round the topic of sponsors and the college girls was out of everyone’s mouth.


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