DAVID: Aziza is slowing down; here is why I think so

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande, the starring actress in Aziza. COURTESY

Aziza’s father is finally out of hospital but he did not appear on the show. Mosi also did not have a big role on the May 24 episode on Citizen TV. However, the show did not disappoint.

Malkia Fay called for a meeting and she talked about the company having suffered from the party they had. They do not have money in the account and the business is not doing well at all. When Zayne tries to sell the idea of having Aziza as the face of Fay Creations she shoots down the idea fast and leaves him wondering what happened wrong.

Malkia also opposed the idea of paying Mzee Chacha’s bill. She talks about paying him loads of cash and asking why he had not planned for these emergencies. She goes ahead to warn Alpha and Zayne not to pay for that bill. However Alpha did not seem to want to listen to this and went ahead to pay the bill.

When Alpha pays the bill it does not seem to go down with his mother and brother. The biggest person who felt bad about it was Zayne. He calls him out and Alpha tells him that he should keep away from Aziza. Alpha reminds him of Bella and how he left her for him and that this is his time to pay.

Meanwhile Aziza is being welcomed to sing at the studio by Tito. The whole idea goes down well with her but she does not know how she will get there. She goes to look out for Bobo and after persuading him he finally decides to take her to the studio.

When she gets to the studio shock on her she finds Zayne in the studio with Tito. She refuses to record if he is there and even threatens to leave. This makes Tito make him go out of the studio so that she can sing. He meets Bobo outside and they have an altercation and he tells her to wait and see who she will go out with when she is done with her session. This makes Bobo even madder but he keeps quiet.

My rating

I would rate the show a 9/10. The show is good but it is somehow losing some traction. The hospital scene has dragged out and it is making the show too sad. I’m not saying it makes the show relatable but I think change of story will be much better.


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