Sponsors are God-sent, woman preaches on Classic’s May 24 show



Just when I thought sponsors issue has been frozen for a moment, a lady calls in and says how she is dating a 46-year-old man and she is only 24.

She talks of how he sees this man like his father, (a father she sleeps with) and adds that these sponsors are only there to help a lady up the ladder, take her to school and pay her bills and once she is where she is supposed to be, they leave you alone and are happy you made it.

This started the morning’s conversation where Maina asked the ladies if that’s the reason why they deal with older men. Ladies really supported this motion.

A lady tweeted that once an old rich man comes into your life, it changes for the better.

She added that ladies should wisen up and look for an old man willing to act right instead of dealing with play boys who just break hearts. Another lady said that this men are heaven-sent.

A lady called to praise her sponsor, to whom she is married right now. They have two sons together and she now drives her own car. She was asked about the man’s wife and said that she is alive and knows about her marriage. She is actually a second wife.

Another lady called and said she has two sponsors. One is abroad the other is a local man and they both send money. She concluded that she couldn’t be where she is if it wasn’t for them.

A man called to oppose and condemned the ladies, saying that most of them are influenced and if you remove sex, ladies will have nothing to offer and if you remove money, the men will have nothing to offer, too.

A man tweeted in support, saying the girls should just work hard and hustle. He wondered how they date an old man now and expect their husbands to treat them better.

But a man called and supported the sponsors, saying that they are God sent, it like an M-Pesa message that wasn’t meant for you and the sender doesn’t ask for it. Maina asked how he would feel if his daughter had an older man in her bed everyday and he was unable to answer.


My rating

I rate today’s show at 7/10. It seems like this topic will never fade and a conclusion will never be made.


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