New Churchill comedian ‘Mwende’ was once toiling in Saudi Arabia



If you have watched recent episodes of Churchill Show on NTV, you must have noticed a girl called Mwende, usually wearing yellow socks and speaking with a heavy Kamba accent.

She was in her element on the May 27 show, cracking jokes about how punishment by parents can be equated to world wars.

For starters, Mwende’s real name is Lucy Wanjiru Kariuki, aged 27 and a mother.

She competed in the ‘Ultimate Comic’ competition run by comedian Churchill from late 2017 to early 2018. Mwende was a finalist in the tough competition judged by Jalas, Massawe Japanni and Tonny from Redykyulass. Mwende technically emerged third.

Her biography provided to DStv’s Maisha Magic East, the organisers of the competition, has interesting insights.

“Her lowest and most memorable moment in life is when she had to leave her 10-month-old daughter to go to Saudi Arabia to work for almost three years,” says the bio. “But now comedy makes her happy and earns her a living.”

Kenyans who travel to Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries for work have in the past been reported to have faced torture or even death. Kenya Media Recaps and Critiques will keep tabs on Mwende’s story to get details on what she was doing there and how she survived the high-handedness.

On her favourite activities, she told  Maisha Magic East that she enjoys networking with other comedians and actors from all over the world.

She added that she fancies singing, dancing, shopping, listening to music, watching series, reading books, joking and having fun with friends.

“Her favorite meal is githeri, ugali and greens. She has a strong phobia for insects especially cockroaches!” says the bio.

It adds: “Lucy’s comedy icons include Salvador, Cotilda, Kanisiime, Mamito, Jasper and MCA Tricky.”

From her recent performances, it needs no Einstein to tell that there is a new and hot female comedian in town.



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