OJ is back and there is a war in the works in Tahidi High about women

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Mr Kilunda, Ms Obija, Omosh and OJ. Courtesy: Ghafla Kenya

Tahidi High pulled one of its best tricks.

Well, it has been throwing up some good fancy tricks to keep the show going, starting with the addition of new students like Chloe and Nick as series regulars.

The cat had long been let out of the bag that OJ would be returning not as a student but as a teacher and, guess what?  He made his grand return on the May 29 show.

Let me dust off your memory. OJ was one of the most notorious kids in Tahidi High. He joined the show a while back in 2005. Saying that makes me feel so old but that is not the point. OJ left the show in 2011 to pursue other interests and do a little directing of the show.

OJ’s return seemed to put Rohan at ease and cool of his nerves. He had been so worried. The more he thought about a new teacher,  the more he got paranoid.

The more he saw the memo addressed to staff by Mrs Mutembei, the more he even got derilious. Even the teahers have been forced to discuss his situation and give funny solutions to it. Ms Ombija suggested keeping quiet, Kilunda said that he is just too paranoid for nothing.

Rohan, who in the meantime had gone to seek some solace in the library and make a call, finds Mwikali, the librarian who had tried to kiss him.

Mwiks — as she calls herself — is head-over-heels in love with Rohan and even goes on to make him do some lovey-dovey stuff that no one would do.

She makes a move on him and declares that she just loves him. I am waiting to see how this goes and whether the attention will be reciprocated by Rohan.

Chloe is seemingly causing a stir in that school and she wasn’t even present on the show. Jacob and Farouk are about to go into the biggest stir ever. Jacob and his friends decide to go to Form 4 and threaten Farouk after he placed flowers and a teddy. They decide to have a fight about who gets the girls.

My rating

The show is taking a few turns. It is improving a bit and of late they have done more. I would rate the show at 7/10.

It is definitely going to improve with time and make it back to the list of the most watched shows in the next few months.



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