Press Pass takes a break

Mark Masai and his guests on the May 28 show. Courtesy

Press Pass is set to take a few weeks’ break. This comes against the backdrop of NTV deciding it was time to improve the product.

Show host Mark Maasai, in his parting shot, said it was time to improve the show and make it better and improve the product and its packaging. He added that he will come back with a better show and will “avoid not getting guests in the show”.

Press Pass has been on air for a couple of years and has been all about keeping journalists in check and analysing news stories that have made headlines and how reporters reported on them.

The show has always had some good media analysis but it seems that it needs to improve on its content and that is why  it is being taken off the air.

It may seem the show might have a very different approach once back on air. It is expected back on the screens maybe after the World Cup. In the meantime, viewers will have to keep up with some spotting action and maybe some other shows that may come up.

Keep it this place to the for more details on this story.


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