Boring May 30 show on Classic about men and birth certificates



Today’s topic arose after a woman called and opened up on how she got pregnant with a man and he refused to provide his information which would be indicated on the child’s birth certificate.

King’ang’i asked why men do not wish to share their identity details.

And Maina said only married men behave in this manner; that they don’t want their names to appear on the child’s birth certificate.

A man called and said the reason is because they don’t want to become attached to these kids and don’t want extra responsibility.

Once they are included in their lives and fail to meet the duties needed, they are often taken to court. So they just evade all the drama.

Another caller said that this happens when the man isn’t sure if the baby is his.

A lady called and talked of how she feels sad for men because the kid only wants their support for 18 years and that’s it.

She opened up on how she tells the husband that just in case he strays, he should take care of his blood and take responsibility since this child may be the blessings to his family.

Another woman called, saying she had a kid with her boss 23 years ago and he vanished without a word. Now the boy is a senior cadet and the man is back looking for the boy.

She talked of how he cannot give the man the honours yet he refused to stand up with her just because he was married.

My rating

The topic was rather boring and out of people’s expectations. There were very few callers and tweets. The discussion was even dismissed early. I rate the show 5/10


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