Why this week’s Aziza was so, so good

Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande, the starring actress in Aziza. COURTESY

Aziza is finally back in her element. Remember how last week she tried singing but she could not? This time Tito, her producer, gave her something to talk about — her father.

However, knowing that the lead actor for this programme is Sanaipei Tande, they used her hit song Amina.  I really thought she would work on something new but it’s okay.

When she gets out of the studio session she realises that time really flew by and that it is almost over and it is night time she runs out.

She goes out to find that Bobo has gone already and Zayne is waiting for her. Zayne tries to make sure that Aziza gets into his car so that he can take her home but he fails this time and she walks home.

When she gets home, her mother is livid and when Aziza tries to explain herself, she chases her away. She does not give her a chance to do anything. When they return in the morning with Binti, they find her a bit softened up.

Binti takes a stab at Mosi (Aziza’s mother) and tells her that if she is waiting for her husband Chacha to die then she is in for a rude shock and that she is just a smoking woman who can’t get over the fact that she never gave Chacha a son.

Mosi tries to grab Binti but fails and Binti runs away. Mosi tells her not to come back next time.

Lisa on the other hand steals Malkia Fay’s make up kit and starts applying but Malkia walks in on her. She tells her to wipe it off and that she will never be a super model and that she will never amount to anything.  Lisa goes and packs her bag and is seen leaving.

Malkia has some flashbacks about her husband and her sister Lilly. She goes back to how she always tried to keep a lid on him by hiring Lilly as her model. She goes back to how they even got to her house and her and her husband being in her room and it ends when he is holding her with him.

My rating

Last week I complained Aziza is slowing down but this time I think the show is heating up again. There is something that made me watch it again and for that I give it a rating of 10/10.



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