Miguna was on fire on May 30’s JKL


Miguna Miguna was the guest for Jeff Koinange Live. It was one of the most heated interviews I have watched this year. From the onset, Miguna proved to be a tough cookie but Jeff’s good interviewing abilities came to the fore and he was able to ace it.

On being nominated Deputy Governor

Miguna is one of the most outspoken men I have seen in television interviews. He never hides anything from people, especially about himself. However, on this one he seems to be holding his cards like he is hiding something. When he was asked first by Jeff, he deflected by saying he was not going to discuss that issue but he was going to discuss the excesses of government meted on him.

When he was asked again, he did not seek to answer, claiming that he was going to answer that question when he gets to Kenya. This makes things complicated for anyone who knows Miguna. Will he take the job that is very hard to know and Jeff could not find out so I guess we just have to wait and see.

On his deportation and return status

Miguna was very outspoken about the issue and made sure he has articulated everything he could on a very minimal time. He went back to the day he was held in his home and the day he was first deported to the second deportation, the taking of his passports and calling out the government for that.

Miguna also went out to say that he would return to the country and that it is only a matter of time and that he would come back. Asked what he was doing to make sure that he would be back in the country and he gave a few things that he was doing though not so concrete reasons however he highlighted that he would be back in the country.

On the NRM

NRM Ke which has been still there since last and which has been led by Miguna who is the self proclaimed general. He was very precise that NRM was still there and that no one would do anything to change that. He however this time kept off Raila Odinga and did not mention he’s betrayal.

My rating

I would give the interview a rating of 7/10. Jeff is one of my favorite interviews and has been doing a good job holding leaders to account and this interview was good. However I felt like he was being held on ransom over something.


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