June 1: Maina suspends ‘sex’ talk, gets Kenyans talking corruption

Maina Kageni

Maina wa Kageni. COURTESY| eDaily Kenya


Today the discussion was about what our country is facing; what every Kenyans are talking about; what our politicians are opposing and what our preachers keep condemning — corruption.

Maina made the conversation more interesting by bringing the case to our doorsteps: Since we are condemning other people, what if your spouse came home with Sh300 million in cash and you know he supplied nothing, would you tell them to take it back?

Many people were for the idea that they would keep the money, saying that they would not pretend to be saints. They said they would invest in the money since opportunity knocks once.

Another man talked sense, saying that even the police who come to get the money from the culprits will ask for 30% and then go report that they haven’t found them yet and that’s how everyone wins.

He added that we are a corrupt nation and the scandals will come up again and die like nothing happened.

Another man said that if the wife brought home such an amount, he would love her again and have a Vegas wedding and later disappear.

A woman called and said she would never return that money because even a wrong M-Pesa is hard to return and a matatu change is even harder to give back if the conductor gave you an extra amount mistakenly.

Maina said he is shocked of how Kenyans are corrupt, and yet they have the guts to condemn those implicated in the NYS scandal.

“We should remove the log in our eyes before remove the speck in someone else’s eyes. We criticise them when it’s not our relatives involved,” he said.

“The moment people will stop littering the town knowingly and stop blaming the county government is when this big corruption will end,” a woman concluded.


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