June 1’s #TheTrend: From Mambo Mbotela’s interesting stories to Dr Ofweneke’s jokes

Amina Abdi Rabar on the Trend. COURTESY.

Guess who made an appearance on The Trend yesterday night? Veternan presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela was the main act on The Trend at 10 pm. He was brought in to talk about his career and his take on Madaraka Day. The interview touched on a lot of topics.

Amina asked how he got into journalism. It is really a funny story. Turns out he used to always like journalists and he would always pretend to act as a journalist. He never went to any journalism school but eventually he learned on the job and has been able to stay in the industry for 54 years — almost as long as Kenya’s independence from the British.

He is a symbol of mainly everything that has been present in Kenyan journalism. He was there during independence during the botched 1982 coup he was there and was the journalist who announced that the country was under military rule.

He narrated how he was picked from his home and was taken to the KBC radio studios.

He was almost shot when his captors fled and the loyal army took over the country’s airwaves back again. He was saved by a man he believes comes from Lodwar.

He enjoyed a good relationships with Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi, the first two presidents of the country. He described the first time he met Jomo Kenyatta who was, by the way, one of his biggest fans. He even talked about how he met his wife who looked for him and they have been together ever since. The interview also incorporated Shark from NRG Radio.

The show also had Anto Neo Soul come up to talk about his new project — a 10-minute movie. The movie, which is shot deep in Kawangware, is about a criminal and his life in prison. He also sang the soundtrack for the video.

The show then went a notch higher with a spoken word artiste who made Amina smile and blush because of his lines. He was good although she did not interview him that much.

Dr Ofweneke also came to the show and talked about his relationship with Nicah and what he has been up to. He also talked about his new show, Thursday Night Live with Dr Ofweneke.

My rating

It was one of the best shows I have watched in a while. Amina was good and she was able to deliver an entertaining show. I will give the show a 9/10.



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