‘Jesus, who told people to turn the other cheek, died’: Memorable Pastor Kuria quotes from June 4’s Wicked Edition

Man Kush and Dr King’ori. COURTESY

Dr King’ori has been very keen on having conversations on the gospel sector. It has been one of my assignments at Kenya Critic Kenya to cover the show, and the first Wicked Edition episode I watched was about the gospel music industry.

This time, he decided to go for another issue — tithing and preachers. This is something that is always controversial. Dr King’ori went on to state this at the onset of the show.

This was done through the backlash that Rev Kathy Kiuna has faced due to her position on Christians and tithing. Rev Kathy and her husband Alan have been leaning towards the prosperity gospel. The importance of tithes and offerings has been debated for a long time.

The guest of the show did a good job representing the alternative facts. Pastor Kuria aka Man Kush, the pastor-cum-comedian, was all about demystifying pastors.

Pastor Kuria is a very forthright and honest pastor, one of the very few who tell it as it and make sure they have had fun while they are at it.

Here are some comments that just made me laugh:

“Mungu halipangi malaika kwa hivyo pesa haiendangi kwake.”

This loosely translates to the statement that God does not pay angels; so the money you give as offering does not go to Him. This is something that I have never heard any pastor say. But it is true. I mean, it does not go to God. It is used to do other projects in the church.

“Tithe is for Levites it is mine. Hata sahii nimeacha kwa gari sijahesabu.”

The tithe is for pastors and that it is his and he has not yet counted Sunday’s contribution. Tithe, according to him, is for pastors. That means he is the one who determines what to do with it.

“Kazi yetu ni ya kukula; ya Mungu ni kujaza nyungu.”

This is something that was the most controversial and true at the same time. In loose translation it sounded that the pastor’s work is to eat and God’s is to fill your coffers. He even compared the story to that of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath whose bottle of oil and flour jar, which she had sacrificed to make bread for the prophet, was always full until the drought in Israel ended.

“Yule alisema [that we should turn the other cheek cheek] alikufa. Alipigwapigwa akaenda”

Man Kush said he is a professional boxer, one of the jobs he ignored to become a preacher. And his mantra is that you cannot punch him and he takes it lying down. But his remark that Jesus who told his followers not to turn the other cheek died, and that he has preached for many more years than the three by Jesus, is sure to draw angst from some Christians.

My rating

The show was overall funny. Two years back, I criticised Dr King’ori for being shallow on research. Right now, I think he is doing much much better at that. However, I think 30 minutes is not enough for an evening comedy show. He should discuss more national issues.

I give the show a 7.5/10 this week. (You can watch the show by following this link).


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