June 5: What is OJ going to be doing at Tahidi High?

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OJ from Tahidi High courtesy of Mpasho.co.ke

Tahidi High show on Citizen TV finally got to expose more of OJ, his past, his present and what he is likely to be doing on the show.

Remember last week we said he had returned to the show? On Tuesday, he made his official debut on the show.

This is what went down. The show has a few throwbacks. Karimi remembers the episode he caught OJ smoking with Eddie and Freddie. Kilunda remembered OJ handing in his math CAT and he did not have the method but he had an answer.

He explains that after Tahidi High, he went to the UK to study the arts and he decided to come back and teach at Tahidi High. He then goes to say “Hi” to everyone in the staff room and looks for Omollo who does not take his calls nowadays. Rohan is not so happy about OJ’s being there as he will be teaching drama music and theatre arts.

Meanwhile, OJ goes to meet Omosh and they have the happiest reunion ever. The two have always had a lot of happy times together and this was no different. Omollo complains that he does not call and when OJ calls he realises that he is the guy that he has been snubbing — and they talk by phone while centimetres away from each other! They plan for a lunch date and he tells him he is the new teacher.

Jacob and his form two counterparts are planning an onslaught on the form fours led by Farouk. They psyche each other up for the fight and meet in the school’s washrooms.

As the fight heats up, the most interesting thing is that Jacob, the guy who caused all this, fighting jumps up the toilet partition wall and cheers as the rest size up each other.

When the fight ends, Pablo and the rest of the squad are mad at Jacob. They chase him away from the house and he runs off.

The show did not have a very long plot to it. It was small programme and did not run the usual 30 minutes but just 25. However, it was still very entertaining and did not disappoint.

My rating

The show is good and I give it a rating of 6.5/10. It was a good thing that they have brought OJ back and I hope it makes the show even much better. But maybe they should have taken the show on a break so that it comes back better.  


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