Lisa is found and Fay works up her anger about Lisa on June 6’s Aziza

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Sanaipei Tande, the lead Actress  in Aziza. COURTESY

The Aziza show on Citizen TV started  on a high note.

This time Lily woke up in Ron’s bed. She asks him what they did in bed. They have the most interesting “oh what did we do last night” thing.

Lily wakes up as if she was the one who was having the dream which makes the story disjointed because Fay Malkia was the one having the flashback last week.

Speaking of Fay, she has been looking for Lisa who went from her house.

Anyway, Lisa figures that her mother is staying in a hotel.  She opens the door and finds Lily. A flashback comes about her sister Malkia Fay finding out that she had sex with Ron and she is pregnant with his kid. Malkia refuses to acknowledge her child and refuses anything to do with Lily.

Fay calls Lily about Lisa and they have a talk about Lisa being hard headed and refusing to talk to her and using her (Fay’s) stuff. Fay goes to the hotel and talks to Lily about Lisa. Lily plays the role of a parent like she has seen in western movies after all she came back from USA. She does not even talk to Lisa like an African parent would. Anyway bottom line those two aced being new generation parents.

Aziza is in hospital for her double shift. She feels so bad about her father being in hospital. Binti tells her not to sweat the small stuff and urges her to get over it and that her father will be okay. Aziza tells Binti to get food from her house and remembering how she had insulted Mosi she opts out. When she returns with Bobo; Bobo by the way is not happy with Aziza for standing her up at the studio and going out with Zayne.

Bella comes to warn Aziza about Zayne and she tells her they don’t have a fling or in a relationship. When Bella sees Bobo and Aziza arguing she thinks fast. She talks to Bobo and they plan to work together to take back their “bae’s”.

Lisa, Fay and Lily come to an agreement and Lily goes back home with Fay and she leaves with Lisa. She gets home happy with Lisa and Alpha and Zayne are confused. When they ask whether Lily is coming back and she says no and that she is busy soul searching. The show then ends all of them wondering what will happen next.

My rating 

I would give the show a rating of 9/10 this time. The disjointed flashback wold make anyone confused. However Aziza is a good show and apart from that slight error it was a good show.



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