P-Unit is back! Amazing revelation on June 8’s The Trend, a show that had a quite disappointing start

Amina Abdi, the host of #theTrend on NTV.

P-Unit, one of my favorite rap groups in Kenya, is back!

I will not talk about the embarrassment they had on the June 8 show on NTV but it was not one of their strongest performances. At some point, their mics went off and they did not have the energy they usually have during their other performances.

The thing is they have the most interesting stories and they were able to keep the interview entertaining from start to end. Amina focused on the most interesting things.

For instance, Bon Eye has been off the screens as a rapper for a while and he finally got to say where he has been and what he has been doing. Turns out he has been producing at Decimal Records and growing new talents.

On the other hand, Frasha has been in the political field and he had a lot of political punch lines here and there. He talked about the role of the youth in public participation and how it has affected the music business in Kenya. They also seem like they have a lot of fresh music and are back to take the crown they left.

CDQ, an indigenous Nigerian rapper, then entered the stage. His performance and interview was a bit whack. He did not have that charm and vigour I had expected .

Amina had done her best to bring her A game with the interview but you know Nigerians and how they act in Kenyan interviews, right?

Next up for the show were the comedians everyone in Africa look up to: Kansiime Anne, Mamito, Chipukeezy (who is now a director at Nacada), Erick Omondi, Idriss Sultan and  Otoyo. These guys did not disappoint. From guys trying to get at Chipukeezy for his new job at Nacada to Idriss and how he handles women (one at a time by the way), it was the funniest comedian team action I have seen in a while.

Turns out even Amina can be a comedian. And she was impressive with her jokes though some were PG-category and we can’t say them right here.

‘Tis voting season at Groove Awards and expect to see many artistes from the gospel fraternity at TV interviews. To kickstart this season was Moji Shortbaba and Mbuvi. Apart from the fact that this two are lookalikes, they also have a lot of energy. I don’t know how Amina handled both of them but she had one hell of a job containing both.

My rating

The show had a disappointing start but it ended so nicely. Amina has been able to make the show a success and keeps her audience so happy so this week I’ll give the show a rating of 8/10.



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