Jimw@t on showbiz life and Dr King’ori’s interesting jokes on June 11’s Wicked Edition

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Dr King’ori, the host of NTV’s Wicked Edition.

The June 11 episode of the Wicked Edition was on fire. Since Dr King’ori started analyzsng weekly stories on the show, I have had something to look forward to on his show. Not to say I did not look forward to his shows but this was like good value addition.

On this episode, he talked about the Ngiritas’ NYS corruption case and Ann Ngirita’s complaint about lacking proper food while Ms Lillian Mbogo-Omollo was busy eating fish fingers for breakfast. You have to give it to the guys who help prep the show. They always put in something funny into the monologues he has. However, he needs to get some more people to put into his monologues — like have “fake” analysts on the show.

Moving on; the show’s main focus was on the showbiz industry in the country, a sector that has been growing and sometimes people have always chosen to use some weird publicity stunts. Dr King’ori talked about Willy Paul looking like a bee in a song to create a ‘buzz’. But, to be fair he said that like a joke; so no hard feelings.

On a serious note, he talked about situations that really had the public freak out. Like Otile Brown saying he is going to be the husband to Sanaipei Tande to promote their song Chaguo la Moyo.

He also mentioned Diamond and his ability to pull off a scandal from here to Timbuktu and his children. He compared Diamond and Zari and the children they have and saying people should give him a break from talking that he has a lot of children.

To discuss the state of the showbiz industry he chose on someone who has had some experience in the industry, and that is Jimw@t. Jimw@t is the guy behind hits like Under 18 and others that back in the day had everyone dancing in the club. He talked about the change in the showbiz industry and how everyone has grown into it. He also opened up about his alcohol addiction and how he has been able to work past that and grown into a family man. He also said that he has not been doing any new music and has been keeping it on the low and observing new artistes.

My rating

The show was so entertaining and has brought some joys to my evening. It will however be taking a break for the next few weeks to pave way for the World Cup. I give the show a rating of 8.5/10.


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