Why aren’t women God-fearing any more? Maina asks and sparks debate of Biblical proportions



King’ang’i came up with today’s topic on Classic 105’s morning show. He said he had observed this issue for a long time now. He asked why women of nowadays don’t fear God since this is the beginning of issues in marriage.

A woman tweeted that they do fear God and the fact that they go clubbing doesn’t mean they don’t fear God.

She added that most men these days stay at home and wait for the woman to provide and still do all the chores so the fact that they are using their money to go out and have fun shouldn’t mean they don’t have the fear of the lord.

A man opposed, saying that women should submit to their  husbands and treat them with respect and all that starts if they fear God.

Women should follow what the Bible commands, he argued, adding that if a woman is not submissive, then she doesn’t love you.

A man called and said that women are vampires. Back in the days children feared parents and respected all the adults unlike nowadays, he said that mothers should learn to displine their kids and this only happens when they learn what the word of God says.

Women should fear God and that way they will respect their earthly god who is their husbands, he noted.

A woman called and said they should stop making women submit to them. A woman should not bow down to man, she reasoned.

Immediately, a man called and said that the problem with Kenyan women is that they adore their pastors more; that once they become spiritual, they forget about their husbands and start having affairs with this pastors in the name of spirituality.

A woman called and said women are reactive not proactive. With something good, she opined, they react positively.

She asked a simple question which the men were unable to respond to: “What happened to the men who used to lead the family in prayer every night?”

She added that men blame the women for every mistake yet they are the root cause.

My rating

I rate the topic at 8/10 since a lot of men suddenly became spiritual and started quoting the Bible. 😂



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