June 12’s Tahidi High was not so interesting

Image result for tahidi high Mr Kilunda

Tahidi High actor Mr Kilunda. Courtesy of Mpasho.

The June 12 episode of Tahidi High on Citizen TV was a little bit slow and did not have a lot of things to look forward to. The show continued with a different twist from last week.

The “battle for Chloe”, as I am calling it, led to some casualties. Farouk and Pablo are mainly the main casualties. Everyone who got injured goes to the nurse with some funny stories like “I was beaten up yesterday” and such.  The nurse obviously did not believe them.

Turns out Farouk told Chloe’s mother everything and she lands in school like a tornado. You have to love the way Mama Farouk lands in school and causes drama. To add on to the drama, Mama Ashley also shows up in the school and sees Pablo in infirmary clutching to his stomach. She is furious at the Nurse Rahema for not being able to help out.

When she rushes to the office, she finds Mama Farouk going to complain to Mrs Mutembei about the way Farouk was beaten. When she is half into the story of how Farouk was beaten because of Chloe he walks in and faints. Mama Farouk goes into frenzy and Mama Ashley walks away fast and goes saying Farouk is dead and even shocks the watchman Nzou who goes to check up on him.

Meanwhile Mr Kilunda and Karimi are attracted by the noise they hear in Mrs Mutembei’s office and they run to her office. They run to find Farouk on the floor of her office and they carry him to the office to find Rahema and she calls the driver and tries to rush them to get everyone there.

Meanwhile Jacob has not stopped taunting his classmates for going to war with him. They tell him they will make him pay. He tells them he was keeping watch but they hear none of it and they tell him to look for a skirt and heels to wear.

My rating

I would give the show a rating of 5/10. This plot is dragging out now. I have seen it for three weeks. Secondly, OJ came back and we are seeing less of him. Also, it is time to make sure that they have done something to bring in the characters of Mama Ashley and Farouk to be in a bit much more shows they are really funny. All in all, the show did not have a spark to it they could have made the crisis much bigger.



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