Kobi Kihara may host a show to replace Victoria’s Lounge

Kobi Kihara

NTV presenter Kobi Kihara’s profile photo on Twitter.


After Victoria Rubadiri left NTV for Royal Media Services, it appears the Nation Centre-based media house is planning to make Kobi Kihara the queen of talk shows.

Kenya Media Recaps and Critiques has learnt that Kobi and NTV have patented a programme called ‘The Kobi Show’, on top of the ‘Better Living’ show that the sexy presenter runs every weekday morning.

In a patent notice on the May 2018 journal of the Kenya Industrial Property Institute, the agency that is the custodian of Kenya’s patents, The Kobi Show is registered with the same objectives as Better Living, which are “education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities”.

The notice does not state whether it is a new programme in the offing, but the patenting leaves little for imagination. It will be a matter of time before we know if Kobi will replace Victoria.

Kobi show

A notice on the May issue of the KIPI journal that announces the Kobi Show.


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