June 15’s The Trend: When the host kept apologising for a World Cup game not aired

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Dr King’ori guest host for The Trend

Kenyans were furious of NTV for failing to air the Spain and Portugal game. Though it was meant to be the most interesting game of the day, the station does not have it as one of its licenced games.

Also, the regular host of  #theTrend, Amina Abdi, did not even show up because she was out celebrating Idd Ul Fitr.

Dr King’ori was the one who hosted this week’s show and he did not have a lot of peace hosting the show as most football fans were pissed by the fact that the Spain and Portugal game was not aired.

Anyway, back to the show. Abel Amunga opened the show with a performance with the daughter Ruth Matete. The performance was a step away from the dance performances that always happen when Amina hosts the show. It was a nice performance.

The whole show then turned into King’ori trying to explain why they did not air the game and urging people not to get mad at him for hosting a show that he usually doesn’t host.

He then turned to interview Wuod Sibi and his daughter Amani his daughter because she was the breakout star of the week. A video of her singing Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire has been all the rage throughout the week.

The interview was good, with Dr King’ori inserting some jokes here and there. He asked questions like when she started singing, the reason she decided to sing Girl on Fire and whether she is going to take up singing as a career.

Another performance that caught my eye and took me away was that of Trina Mungai  doing a rendition of Man Down by Rihanna. She has the best vocals ever.

Ruth Matete and Abel Amunga took the hot seat and they talked about their relationship as daughter and father. Apparently, Abel Amunga cannot choose a role if he hasn’t passed it on to Ruth to vet it. Another thing that caught my eye is that Ruth Matete went to school at class one at the age of seven.

Trina Mungai’s interview was also hilarious with Dr King’ori trying to sing.

My rating

Dr King’ori did a good show but not so good to get himself off the hook from the  hate that spewed on the net about NTV not airing the Spain and Portugal game. All in all he has a 6.5/10 for covering well for Amina.






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